As a church, we want to foster and encourage deep relationships with God and others. We believe that church is much more than a Sunday service — it’s about engaging in community and experiencing the growth that Christ has for us.  We ultimately want to see a culture of discipleship, where we begin to take ownership of our faith and reach out to people within our circles of influence.

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9:30 AM Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Groups take place throughout Sunday mornings. Please contact our church office at 937-675-5871 for information on our Sunday School Groups. 


JCC Care Groups

A group of people who exist in the Christian Community, that meet on a regular basis to study the word of God.  

are Groups are about people coming together, eating a meal, learning more about God, each other, and service the community around us.

If you have any questions on the care groups of JCC, please call the church office at 937-675-5871. 

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JCC Worship Ministry

 There are two different styles of worship available depending on your preference. We have a traditional service specifically designed to engage worshippers who prefer a traditional, hymn-based style of worship and a contemporary service designed to engage worshippers who prefer a style of worship that reflects the music you would hear today on the radio.

We have a choir that is open to anyone who loves to sing.  We could always use new members in our choir, along with our worship band and tech team.    CLICK HERE  to contact our Director of Music Erin Cavender with any questions regarding the worship ministry of JCC. 

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JCC Women's Ministry  

A group of women united as one to be a catalyst of change in our sphere of influence and determined to live out God’s purpose for our lives. It is all about gathering women together to provide authentic opportunities to be equipped, connected and empowered to live life to the fullest.

We offer SOS groups, Women's Bible Studies, and retreats. You can sign up for groups and events on our bulletin board or you can contact Suzanne Arthur at 937-689-0517. To Email us about Women's Ministry, CLICK HERE


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JCC Men's Ministry

JCC's Men's Ministry exists to help men grow in their connection to Jesus Christ and become the spiritual leaders of their families. Men’s Ministry is a place for men to come and fellowship and to grow closer to God through our prayer breakfasts and events.  

 Our Men's Prayer Breakfasts will be on the third Saturday of every month from 7AM-8:30AM. For more information, please contact Howard Arthur at 937-213-1198. To Email us about Men's Ministry, CLICK HERE


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Married Life: 

God's way for marriage might not be easy to live out, but it is certainly easy to understand. God gives us only a few verses on how husbands and wives should love each other. We believe He did that on purpose. At Jamestown Church of Christ we want to help couples with their marriages, and when it comes to helping couples we believe it is better to be proactive than reactive. Married Life is a strategy that introduces couples to what we call the Core 4 Habits of a great marriage, which are to Have Serious Fun, Respect and Love Each Other, Love God First, and  Practice Your promise. 



Next Gen Ministry

Next Gen is a place where young adults come together and experience the 4 core values of JCC out loud. Each transition that adults go through, from graduation to getting jobs and starting families, can be challenging. Through building relationships and growing individually and together, Next Gen creates an environment that turns the difficult into doable. 

Throughout the year, we will host Next Gen Hangouts. This will be an opportunity for them to have fun together outside the walls of the church. In addition to Next Gen Hangouts, we will also be having Life Classes geared towards the transitions that take place during this age and stage in life. Be sure to check back online or at church for more details on these awesome opportunities for the young adults at JCC.